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Monday July 13


The Cosmopolitan Seaside city visited by everyone from Richard the Lion Hearted to Rabbi Nahman of Bratzlav

10 aM Eastern Standard Time

5 pM Israel Time

New! Can't make these times? Buy the recording and watch the tour at your leisure. Just purchase the tour and email me that you prefer the recording. Past tours also available (Herod #1 and #2, Kayafa, King Solomon, Mount of Olives, Destruction and Discovery)


Monday Series:

four weeks of Exploring sites around Israel

Monday July 20

A virtual tour of virtual places 

Where is Gan Eden? Where will the end of days start? and other mysterious sites

Monday July 27

The Great Revolt 

A Pre-9 Av tour to Gamla, Yodfat, and other sites of the great revolt against the romans

Monday August 3

Hebron and Gush Etzion 

The heart of the land of Judah, in ancient times and today

Monday August 10

Muslim QUarter

From Damascus Gate to the Via Dolorosa, the Surprising stories of northern Jerusalem

Wednesday Series:

Four Deep Dives into Archaeology and Tanakh. 

Wednesday July 15

City of David 

What are the secrets of one of the most excavated sites in Israel? Jerusalem from the Very beginning.

wednesday July 22

Dead sea Scrolls 

From Jerusalem to Qumran, from a Bedouin Tribe to the Shrine of the book. The Journey of the world's most famous scrolls

wednesday August 5

Shilo and the Shomron 

A tour in honor of Tu Be'av to the Tabernacle in Shilo

Wednesday August 12

Everyday Life in Mishnaic times 

How Archaeology can help us understand the reality of Life in the Time of the mishnah and the Talmud

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