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Israel and Jewish history are my passions, which makes my life as a tour guide a perfect career. Let me share my enthusiasm and experience with you as we explore the extraordinary sights, people and stories of ancient and modern Israel.

I will create a complete itinerary for your trip, book all sites, and arrange transportation and hotels as well.  My guiding is geared to your group based on your interests, ages and needs. Whether it’s a one-day walking tour or the family trip of a lifetime, it would be my pleasure to take you there!

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Our family had the immense fortune to have Shulie lead our friends and family through 4 separate rollicking, magical, fascinating and all together wonderful Bar Mitzvah tours in Israel over the past 10 years. Shulie has that rare ability to reach the smallest child, the oldest zadie and everyone in between with her warmth, endless knowledge and great sense of humor.  

                                                                                                                                Holly Magady

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