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The following tours are

available as recordings or as a presentation:

Cave Explorer

Jerusalem Walking Tours:

Ein Karem:A European Neighborhood in Jerusalem

Nahlaot: Flavors, colors and Synagogues near the Market

Yemin MosheFirst Jewish Neighborhoods outside the Walls

Mount of OlivesThe Jewish Connection to the Mountain on the east of the City

Mount ScopusA Cemetery, a Hospital, a University and lots of vision

Shechem RoadEuropean Powers build in Jerusalem

Mamilla Ancient graves, modern hotels and lots in between

Muslim QuarterThe Via Dolorosa and the Damascus Gate

Mount Zion and the Armenian Quarter

The Christian Quarter monks and nuns , shops and churches: all are part of the story of the Christian Quarter.

A Palace, a Cemetery and a Nobel Laureate what are the stories of Ramat Rachel and Talpiot?

Shaare Hesed and RehaviaThe Story of two of Jerusalem's most beautiful neighborhoods

Divided and Reunited Jerusalem The City between 1948 and 1967

Northern Lights:Neve Yaakov and Atarot, the northern neighborhoods of Jerusalem

Places Around Israel

HaifaThe other city by the bay and its many colors

Around the KinneretWater, synagogues, churches and early pioneers

NegevCreating New Life in the desert

Hebron and Gush Etzionthe heartland of the patriarchs and matriarchs

Zippori and Bet Shearimsynagogues, rabbinic leadership and fabulous coffins

AkkoSeaside city with its face to the outside world

TzfatThe Mystical city

Tel Aviv’s Early Dayswho created the first hebrew city?

Shilothe home of the Tabernacle for almost four centuries

JaffaFrom Jonah to Abulafia, Jaffa is a Whirlwind of stories and people

Bet SheanThe Jordan Valley city from its beginnings to its violent end in the eighth century.

Golan From volcanoes to Eli Cohen, The Golan is one of Israel’s most beautiful regions

Herodion Like You Have Never Seen It a tour of the new excavations, including the theater and the monumental staircase. 


Biblical Archaeology

The Real King David what does Archaeology tell us about the most famous king?

King Solomon’s Cities Hazor, Megiddo and Gezer

Philistines Upon You who was this mighty enemy of the Israelites?

City of DavidAn in depth look at the beginnings of Jerusalem

Book of Joshuathe sites of the book of conquest and settlement

Mighty Warriorswho were the assyrians, one of the most formidable empires in the ancient near east?

Elijah and Ahab what does archaeology tell us about the stories of these two great adversaries?

The Last One Hundred Years of Judea Prophets, kings and battles tell the story of the end of First Temple times.

Israel in egypt land: the Exodus and Archaeology



Samaritans the mysterious sect on mount gerizim, their origins and customs

Dead Sea Scrollsone of the most incredible archaeological discoveries ever - why?

Everyday Life in the Time of the Mishnahwhat did homes, streets and life in general look like in mishnaic times?

The Great RevoltGamla and Yodfat, two major battle sites in the north in the First century

Jerusalem in Second Temple Times: Glory and DestructionA deeper look at the Temple and pilgrimage


Herod the Great parts 1 and 2 tyrant or tycoon? the story behind the great builder

Underground Jerusalem: the Archaeology of the Jewish Quarterwhat was discovered in the major excavations after the six-day war?

Christian Soldiers Part 1 the growth of a small christian sect into a world power

Christian Soldiers Part 2 Crusader dominance to 19th century missionizing


Artistic License

Meet our 20th century Zionist artists and poets: From Boris Shatz and his Bezalel art school to the poets and writers who shaped the ideas of the early State.

Pioneers of the First Aliya

the heroic struggles of the first Zionist communities, among them Zikhron Yaakov, Mazkeret Batya and Rishon LeZion.

Tannaim Times Which rabbis were the stars of the Mishnah and where were their centers? 

Amoraim Annals Who Were the Rabbis of the Talmud in the Land of Israel?

Writing on the Wall Ancient letters, seals and inscriptions that tell the story of Israel through the alphabet.

The Road to Independence Stories from the historic battles of 1948

Mameluke Rulers Who were the slave soldiers who defeated the Crusaders

Mandatory Palestine:Britain’s contributions to Israel

The Golden Age of Archaeology: Explorers in the 19th century

Crusaders and Muslims: Battle for the Holy Land

The Linguists, Masoretes and Poets of Tiberias


The Great Aliya the incredible tale of israel's absorption of a million immigrants in ten years


Bringing in the Grain and praying for rain

nature in the land of israel

A virtual tour of virtual places Where is the Garden of Eden?

Grave Matters The Who what and where of ancient and current graves and cemeteries

The American Dream  A Thanksgiving tour about Yankees in the Holy Land

These Lights: The Menorah from Bezalel to Modern Israel: Follow the menorah, the ultimate Jewish symbol, from the Tabernacle in the desert to the official seal of the State of Israel.

To Work It and To Protect It Trees, environmentalism, nature reserves and more on this special Tu BShvat tour.

Tu BShvat, The Chameleon of Holidays: the evolution of Tu BShvat over the centuries

Minorities in Israel Who are the Druse, the Bahai and other special groups in the state of Israel?

Twelve Tribes of israel The Tribes in art, history, archaeology and more

The New Jew: Zionism, Judaism and Ritual in the state of Israel

Praying for Rain: a look at major water sources, rivers, Springs and more

Olim and Aliya:In honor of Aliya Day, a tour of immigrants from Abraham to David Ben Gurion

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