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Back t0 the Sources

A deeper look at what the land brings to the Torah and what the Torah brings to the land

Back To The Sources tours are about what happens when you look inside the text and see the land. They are wonderful for study groups, bar and bat mitzvah trips, professional development and for anyone who is curious about the intersection of Torah and Eretz Yisrael.


The Bible's stories took place right here, the characters lived where you're standing now!  Seeing it all in context makes the narratives come alive.  From the Patriarchs to King David,  from Ruth to Ezra, your heritage unfolded on this hallowed ground - locations you're invited to visit.

Here are some great Tanakh sites we can visit together with text in hand: City of David, Jordan River, Tel Shilo, Mount Gilboa, Tel Hazor, Hirbet Kayafa.

bulla gemaryahu.JPG


How were the cities laid out in ancient Eretz Yisrael?  Did the rabbis ever allow pagan imagery in their synagogues? What foods appeared on the menu of a typical ancient meal? Archaeology broadens our understanding of many details in the Mishnah and Gemara.

Here are some great Mishna sites we can visit together with text in hand: Sussya, Katzrin, Tiberias, Bet Alfa, Zippori,Bet Shearim, Qumran.


Zionism and Jewish History

What do the writers Nahmanides, Rabbi Ovadia of Bartenura and Ahad haAm have to say about Israel? How did Eliezer Ben Yehuda re-invent Hebrew?  My tours employ Medieval and Modern texts right alongside our ancient sources.  The return of the people to the land is a story all its own.

"Shulie is far and away the most interesting, knowledgeable, accommodating, congenial, and fun tour guide we've ever had. She has an incredible knack for keeping every age group mesmerized simultaneously, which seems like an almost impossible task. From the 8-year old girls to the Jewish History professor father, we have all learned so much from her, and will use her EVERY time we come for a visit!"


            Ari, Shoshana, Eitan, Aliza and Yakira Mermelstein 

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