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The Jewish Side of the Muslim Quarter and the Via Dolorosa

Tuesday June 28th 2022

9 AM - 1 PM

We will explore the newly reopened Ramparts Walk from Damascus Gate to Lion's Gate, which has some of the most interesting lookout points in the city. Then we will walk along the Via Dolorosa seeing the Christian sites and exploring the Jewish story underneath them. We will visit the healing pools at St. Anne's, discover the remains of Herodion Jerusalem under the Sisters of Zion convent and learn about the old Jewish community in the north of the city.


100 NIS Does not includes admission fees.


Please note:

*This tour includes lots of walking and steps.

*Although we will be going into the courtyards of important Christian sites, we will not be entering churches as part of the tour.

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Glory and Tragedy at Herodion

Monday July 4th 2022

2:30 - 5 PM


Herod's masterpiece in the Judean Desert was also the home of rebels in both the Great Revolt and the Bar Kokhba Revolt. Come explore the incredible architecture, see the newest discoveries and hear how the Jewish rebels reconfigured the mountain to fight their doomed battles.


90 NIS per person plus admission to Herodion

Please note: getting to Herodion is in private cars, we will meet at the site. 

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Berthold Werner, Wikipedia

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