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Family Fun

Whether it’s a meaningful bar/bat mitzvah celebration

or a vacation packed with family fun, Israel has it all.

Did you know that in Israel you can:


Ride the second longest zipline in the world?
Visit a marzipan museum, make chocolate sculpture and craft artisanal bread?

Dive through antiquities at a two-thousand year old port?


All tours are customized for you and your family. The goal is for everyone on the trip, from grandparents to toddlers, to see something new and exciting, learn about the land and themselves, and most importantly, have a great time.  Tours can include volunteer opportunities, all sorts of activities like biking, rappelling, jeeping and swimming, art and music and of course, ice cream!

Israel family activity
Israel kids activity
Israel with kids
child at Kotel Jerusalem
Ein Gedi Israel with kids
Israel ice cream kid

photos courtesy of Noam Chen, Dafna Tal

Where should we go?

Here are just a few ideas for family-friendly trips that I do around Israel:


A Day in the Old City: In this urban tour - we walk!  On the 16th century walls, in Hezekiah's ancient water tunnel, and through the old-new Jewish Quarter. Stroll the streets and alleys which generations of Jews longed to see. 


Tastes and Stories in the New City: a fun scavenger hunt in the Mahaneh Yehudah market, a visit to a British prison and “meeting” the characters of nineteenth century Jerusalem are all part of this exciting day.


Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has it all: from the ancient port of Jaffa to the ultra-hip Sarona Market, with beaches, museums and biking in between.


Caesaria, Atlit and Zikhron Yaakov

Dive for antiquities, dress up as pioneers, and learn about the struggle of illegal immigration in this multi-faceted day on the coast.


Dead Sea area

Visit the lowest point on earth, hear about the heroism of the Jewish rebels at Masada and cool off in the beautiful natural springs of Ein Gedi. We may even squeeze in a camel ride on the way!

Galilee and Golan

This rich region deserves a multi-day trip. History and archaeology run deep in cities like Tzfat, Katzrin and Tiberias which hold layers of Jewish mysticism, tradition and oral law.  There are plenty of more modern activities too: kayaking, chocolate making, jeep rides and hiking.


Rehovot area

Rehovot is situated between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and is the home of  the Weizmann Science Institute and its wonderful Science Garden. There is also a secret underground munitions factory from the 1940s, and nearby is a unique volunteering opportunity called Leket.

Shulie, we heard great things about your tours, but now we know you were even better than we were led to believe. The program you crafted for us deepened our already strong ties to the Land of Israel. You engaged everyone in our party, from seniors down to the youngest children, and helped make our daughter’s Bat Mitzvah trip more memorable than we could have hoped for.

                                                                                                                                          Bina & Yossi Faber

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