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Walking Tours

Jerusalem has so many facets that you can never see them all.

Here are a few of the more unusual walking tours I do


This well-known downtown street hides its fascinating past in plain sight: on this tour we hear stories of ancient aqueducts, church institutions, Arab mansions and a shopping center from the last century.

Christian Quarter

Who are the Christian groups who have lived in Jerusalem for centuries? What is the focal point of the Christian Quarter? Where did the “newcomer” Protestants settle? This tour visits another world inside the city, and includes a bonus visit to a shop selling thousands of 100 - year - old photographs.

Ein Karem

Although known for its churches and its European atmosphere,  this neighborhood holds a deep Jewish story as well. From Second Temple mikvehs to new immigrants in the 1950s to artists and craftspeople today, this tour travels through time.

Communities, Synagogues and Music 

Jerusalem probably has more types of synagogues and Jewish ethnicities than any place in the world. This tour starts at the Italian Synagogue where we delve into the fascinating story of that community.  We then continue to Nahalaot, the collection of neighborhoods near Mahane Yehuda that houses Yemenites, Sephardim, Kurds, Greeks, Turks and plain old Ashkenazim. 

Shulie Mishkin guide Jerusalem
Shulie Mishkin guide Jerusalem

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Shulie’s in-depth knowledge of history, archaeology and biblical texts makes everything come alive. Even a short walk becomes filled with people and history and one can almost hear their voices.

                                                     Debra Weiner

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